Ten Minute ‘Catch up’ with Miss Zimbabwe UK 2014

Jacqueline Moyo
Jacqueline Moyo

‘Beauty is not just about your appearance, it is about your heart, your beliefs and your mind’ – Jacqueline Moyo

As Black History month draws to a close, ZiWA is enthralled to be featuring a ten minute interview with Miss Zimbabwe UK 2014, Jacqueline Moyo. Jacquie was crowned Miss Zimbabwe UK on the 23rd of August at the Quality Skyline hotel in Luton. Miss Zimbabwe UK is a platform ‘to groom, train, inspire and mentor young Zimbabwean ladies to express and exhibit Zimbabwean culture, tradition and value.’ At ZiWA we believe in the empowerment of young women and support this remarkable initiative.

Miss Zimbabwe UK sends out a positive message to young girls within the diasporan community. As a young generation that has migrated to the UK we are bound to have self-identity issues. Acknowledging young inspirational women like Jacquie reminds us that it is ok to express and preserve our pride in Zimbabwean heritage and culture.

We hope you enjoy our ten minute conversation with Jacquie.

Name: Jacqueline ‘Jacquie’ Moyo

Age: 21

Line of study: BA (HONS) Children & Family Work and Ministry

Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Reading, Sewing and spending time with my family

Favourite Musician of all time: Tye Tribbett and GA, they are a Christian gospel choir and their songs were the first I learnt when I joined the choir. They showed me that Christian music was appealing and could be appealing to all age groups; they have definitely helped me grow as a young Christian woman.

Any beauty secrets: I am a firm believer that beauty is something different for everybody so what works for me may not work for other people but I don’t mind sharing my secrets. I would say eating healthy food, drinking plenty of water, keeping fit and feeling good about myself make me feel beautiful. Everything else you put on like clothes and make up will look amazing when you feel good inside!

Philosophy in life: I love what Nelson Mandela said “The greatest glory in living lies not in ever failing but in rising every time we fall”. We live in a world where everything is about being on top and never failing but I think in the failing we learn so much about ourselves and it makes us more resilient for when we try again.

Inspiration to enter the pageant: My sister, she has always believed in me, always told me to keep trying no matter how hard it may seem. Miss Zimbabwe UK was a chance for me to tell the Zimbabwean community here and in Zimbabwe what I believe in.

What being Miss Zimbabwe means to me: It means a lot; it means that the judges saw something in me that told them I would represent Zimbabwe in a positive light to the UK. I am a role model to my younger sisters, and me winning Miss Zimbabwe shows them that we are all different and shine in different ways.

Hoping to achieve: I hope to build or strengthen a community of young people who stand together to represent the Zimbabwean youth. Young people who will see the need in their communities in the UK and in Zimbabwe, and feel stirred to do something about it. I believe ‘Umuntu, ngumuntu, ngabantu’, what affects my brother/sister, affects me too, positively or negatively.

Favourite designer: I would have to say ‘Nyasha C’; her designs are a mixture of modern yet traditional styles. Even though she isn’t in the public eye, I believe she could make African print style clothing an essential for every young woman’s wardrobe.

Young Zimbabweans aspiring to be in beauty pageant: First I would say you have to know who you are because if you don’t, even constructive criticism can bring you to your knees. When you know your strengths, and acknowledge your weaknesses, nobody can shake you. Secondly, beauty is not just about your appearance, it is about your heart, your beliefs and your mind. When you speak and speak from your heart, you capture people’s hearts and minds. Think like a role model, think about the message you want to put across for everyone to hear. Most importantly, have a teachable spirit, LISTEN, and be humble because those are the most beautiful qualities a person can ever possess.

My role model: It’s a difficult task to choose just one person because a role model is somebody I admire for the things they do. Well I guess I have a lot of role models because I do a lot of things, they inspire me to think outside of the box. To list a few, my sister Vickie, she’s quirky and I love the way she can turn any situation into a positive. My mum, because she is a strong woman, I mean the lady had 4 girls to deal with and finally my brother, he’s in the army and he never lets me to wallow in self-pity.


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