Meet our new ZIWA logo !

IMG-20150311-WA0008This year ZIWA is evolving and occupying new territories. Our website development is underway and will be launching soon, the countdown has begun! Today we are thrilled to unveil our new logo. The African queen crowned with the Zimbabwean flag on the logo is an imagery of all the patriotic Zimbabwean women who are proud of their identity and fly our flag with integrity across the globe. ZIWA seeks to acknowledge the unsung heroines, who are making a great contribution in their area of expertise. ‘Unsung heroines’ are gems that are difficult to come by, hence we rely on the whole Zimbabwean community to nominate these jewels. The  ZIWA woman’s attributes are boldness, resilience, tenacity, integrity to name just a few. She is not afraid to step out and try something new and she most certainly defies the glass ceiling parody!

This year sees the genesis of the ZIWA Community programme, we believe in empowering the young generation so make sure you get involved. The ZIWA Community programme aims to offer free Personal Development and Empowerment echoing the well-known adage, ‘if you educate a girl you educate the whole nation.’ We have built a strong network of inspirational women in their respective professional fields, so please do join our mentorship programme. ZIWA is there to offer you an awesome empowerment cocktail featuring  our Single Parent, Healthcare and Wellbeing and Business Support Network Groups. These programs are in the reach of every Zimbabwean woman, so be sure to take full advantage. More information will be on our website so be on the look out !


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