Celebrating the African Union’s declaration of August as ‘Woman’s Month’

ziwa-2015.gifEarlier this year, the 25th Assembly of the African Union (AU) made a commitment to propel women and women’s issues into mainstream discussions under the theme of ‘Women’s Empowerment and Development Agenda Towards 2063’. As part of that agenda, the AU declared August as ‘Woman’s Month’.

In celebration of this declaration, the Zimbabwe International Women’s Awards  (ZIWA) team was invited alongside Lesotho’s Finite Woman Appreciation Awards Lesotho (FWAA) to take part in a panel discussion with the Voice of America (Zimbabwe) to tackle the question, ‘Are women ready to lead?’

The discussion was timely as ZIWA gears up to honour Zimbabwean women across the globe who are already proving to be leaders in their respective fields.

Read the full article and listen to the interview at the Voice of America – Zimbabwe website

Don’t forget you can still secure tickets and tables for the ZIWA ceremony to be held on October 3, 2015 in Birmingham UK, to honour those women making huge strides in their fields and empowering others along the way.

Buy your tickets and tables here

Learn more about ZIWA 2015



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