Celebrating the African Union’s declaration of August as ‘Woman’s Month’

ziwa-2015.gifEarlier this year, the 25th Assembly of the African Union (AU) made a commitment to propel women and women’s issues into mainstream discussions under the theme of ‘Women’s Empowerment and Development Agenda Towards 2063’. As part of that agenda, the AU declared August as ‘Woman’s Month’.

In celebration of this declaration, the Zimbabwe International Women’s Awards  (ZIWA) team was invited alongside Lesotho’s Finite Woman Appreciation Awards Lesotho (FWAA) to take part in a panel discussion with the Voice of America (Zimbabwe) to tackle the question, ‘Are women ready to lead?’

The discussion was timely as ZIWA gears up to honour Zimbabwean women across the globe who are already proving to be leaders in their respective fields.

Read the full article and listen to the interview at the Voice of America – Zimbabwe website

Don’t forget you can still secure tickets and tables for the ZIWA ceremony to be held on October 3, 2015 in Birmingham UK, to honour those women making huge strides in their fields and empowering others along the way.

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Have your say on who the most outstanding Zimbabwean women across the globe are

Going iZIWA-2015nto its second year, the Zimbabwe International Women’s Awards (ZIWA) stands as one of the few prominent platforms that celebrates and honours the achievements of Zimbabwean women across the globe.

This awards show was created by Juliana Jonathan and Maud Goba in 2013 and is growing from strength to strength.  With the goal of honouring and magnifying unsung heroines, the ZIWAs shine a light on Zimbabwean women and their successes which have mostly been invisible within a patriarchal society.

The search for exceptional Zimbabwean women has officially begun with ZIWA 2015 now open for nominations. People are encouraged to submit nominees to ensure that unsung heroines are officially recognised for the excellent work that they are doing and the benchmark they are setting for their communities and the country of Zimbabwe.

Founder Juliana Jonathan says “Everyone knows of a Zimbabwean woman who is making a significant impact within her environment whether it’s in business or her local community – this is why we have 22 categories so that we can include these achievers at every level of society.  We have made it very easy to submit nominations this year. We encourage you to not just nominate, but also to help us spread the message so we can applaud ALL successful Zimbabwean women who are making strides in Zimbabwe and across the globe. ZIWA 2015 will continue to serve as a platform to empower, inform, highlight, influence and challenge the perceptions of Zimbabwean women, and the nominations are the first step in that process.”


Nominations can be made simply using the ZIWA 2015 online form or emailing 2015nominations@ziwaawards.com 21 of the 22 categories are open to public nominations – these are:

  • Artist of the Year
  • Actress of the Year
  • Author of the Year
  • Blogger of the Year
  • Business Woman of the Year
  • Community Champion Award 2015
  • *Courage Award 2015
  • Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Fashion Blogger of the Year
  • Fashion Designer of the Year
  • Humanitarian Award 2015
  • Inspirational Woman of the Year
  • Media Professional of the Year
  • Motivational Speaker of the Year
  • Musician of the Year
  • People’s Choice Award 2015
  • Professional Woman of the Year
  • Sportswoman of the Year
  • Women’s Collective 2015
  • Young Achiever of the Year
  • Lifetime Achievement Award 2015

Nominations will be open until the end of June 2015, after which the panel of judges will go through a rigorous process of shortlisting the nominees. The ZIWA nominee shortlist will be announced in August 2015 and public voting for the shortlisted nominees will open soon after.

Winners of ZIWA 2015 will be announced at a glittering ceremony on Saturday 3 October at an iconic venue which will be revealed in August.

Key dates for ZIWA 2015 are listed below:

  • June 2015 – Nominations open
  • July 2015 – Selection panel shortlists nominees
  • August 2015 – Nominee shortlist announced and voting opens
  • August 2015 – ZIWA 2015 tickets released and venue details announced
  • 3 October 2015 – ZIWA 2015 Awards ceremony

For more information on nominations and the ZIWA 2015 Awards ceremony, please contact the ZIWA team at info@ziwawards.com or visit www.ziwaawards.com

Forging ahead in celebrating the global impact and success of Zimbabwean women

Juliana Jonathan, Founder of the Zimbabwe International Women’s Awards (ZIWA) gives her insight on the upcoming ZIWA 2015

Juliana Jonathan, ZIWA founder
Juliana Jonathan, ZIWA founder

As Sojourner Truth once stated, “If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down, these women together ought to be able to turn it right again.”

With this in mind, myself and Maud Goba set to amplify, the voice of the Zimbabwean woman and to challenge our societal perception of women in 2013. Therefore, ZIWA is by Zimbabwean women for Zimbabwean women. We celebrate and recognise our unsung heroines making a contribution to our community and breaking the glass ceiling in entrepreneurship, business, education, social, charity, entertainment and the arts.

Last year we hosted our very first award ceremony , receiving inexorable support from all corners of the earth. We thank you all for this, without you, ZIWA 2015 would cease to exist. Together we can bring about significant change in our community and make a difference ourselves and thus influence other communities. Let’s all work together with the ethos; “Act locally, think globally.”

We have a passionate team dedicated to bringing you the second annual ZIWA ceremony to be held later on this year. They have all been working tirelessly around the clock in the past few months. We will be releasing video content featuring the team discussing what to expect of ZIWA 2015, highlights from last year and all the wonderful ways in which you can get involved.

Here are some keys dates to save to your diary so you can get involved with ZIWA 2015:

  • June 2015 – ZIWA nominations process
  • July 2015 – ZIWA panel starts deliberations to shortlist nominees
  • August 2015 – ZIWA nominee shortlist announced and voting opens
  •  August 2015 – ZIWA 2015 tickets released and venue details revealed
  •  3 October 2015 – ZIWA 2015 Awards ceremony

Please do stay in the loop and we look forward to celebrating with you the tremendous successes of Zimbabwean women globally!

Meet our new ZIWA logo !

IMG-20150311-WA0008This year ZIWA is evolving and occupying new territories. Our website development is underway and will be launching soon, the countdown has begun! Today we are thrilled to unveil our new logo. The African queen crowned with the Zimbabwean flag on the logo is an imagery of all the patriotic Zimbabwean women who are proud of their identity and fly our flag with integrity across the globe. ZIWA seeks to acknowledge the unsung heroines, who are making a great contribution in their area of expertise. ‘Unsung heroines’ are gems that are difficult to come by, hence we rely on the whole Zimbabwean community to nominate these jewels. The  ZIWA woman’s attributes are boldness, resilience, tenacity, integrity to name just a few. She is not afraid to step out and try something new and she most certainly defies the glass ceiling parody!

This year sees the genesis of the ZIWA Community programme, we believe in empowering the young generation so make sure you get involved. The ZIWA Community programme aims to offer free Personal Development and Empowerment echoing the well-known adage, ‘if you educate a girl you educate the whole nation.’ We have built a strong network of inspirational women in their respective professional fields, so please do join our mentorship programme. ZIWA is there to offer you an awesome empowerment cocktail featuring  our Single Parent, Healthcare and Wellbeing and Business Support Network Groups. These programs are in the reach of every Zimbabwean woman, so be sure to take full advantage. More information will be on our website so be on the look out !

Scola Dondo: Beating weight demons through determination

IMG-20150218-WA0003A young lady showing girls that hard work can pay off. Scola Dondo wasn’t happy with her weight so she decided to do something about it.

In 2010 she started to exercise and eating heathy. According to her though losing weight wasn’t enough to make her happy. Scola said she had to change her thinking and be happy in her own skin. This is something that probably most young women battling with their weight could probably learn from her journey.


Here at ZIWA we catch up with Scola to find out what she has been doing since winning her ZIWA Awards last year. Scola told us she has managed to get qualified as a personal trainer which is something she finds pride in as this gives her the chance to help others who are where she was when she started her journey. She is also doing Afrobeat bootcamp workout which are all about bringing the fun into working out.

IMG-20150218-WA0002Scola’s advice is;

  • Don’t be afraid to do anything you want to do
  • Don’t let ANYONE tell you that you can’t do something because YOU CAN!
  • Anything is possible.

Keeping up with ZIWA 2014 Fashion Designer of the Year – Pam Samasuwo-Nyawiri

Pamela, ZIWA 2014 Fashion Designer of the Year
Pamela Samasuwo, ZIWA 2014 Fashion Designer of the Year

We are excited to feature our ZIWA 2014 Fashion Designer of the Year , Pam Samasuwo-Nyawiri.  Pam is the Creative Director of the nifty contemporary design house vanhuvamwe. She is  a columnist for  263 voices with the DailyNews Newspaper and the Founder of ‘Style Panel 263.’  In addition to her ZIWA award she is  the recipient of the  Vice Chancellor’s Award 2014 for the best Academic Achievement and was nominated for the prestigious Mulberry Accessories Award 2014 for the Best Directional Collection.

Subsequently , Pam has  consulted  policy makers on  refining the curriculum of  Fashion Degrees in various African universities. Her vision is to see an industry that not only has individual winners, but steers towards boosting an economic revolution through fashion. Vanhuvamwe has progressed this year, the designer bags are now manufactured in Kenya and Zimbabwe, and sold in various boutiques and galleries in seven different countries.  Later on this year , vanhuvamwe will be launching its first clothing line. Pam has just finished the final edit on the academic book she has authored on African fashion.

One cannot help but fall in love with these quirky bags. Please check them out on http://www.vanhuvamwe.com

Advice from Pam:

  1. A lack of consistency can bring on a lack of interest, therefore one has to keep persisting.
  2. Continue to write the emails, knocking  on the doors, one day someone will open, but it will not be to let you in but to chase you , because you will be that good!
  3. You never lose, either you win or you learn!

Pam aspires to be the modern day ‘ Mbuya Mulambo’, a story teller that changes lives through her love for fashion. We look forward to seeing this vision come to fruition.

Ten Minute ‘Catch up’ with Miss Zimbabwe UK 2014

Jacqueline Moyo
Jacqueline Moyo

‘Beauty is not just about your appearance, it is about your heart, your beliefs and your mind’ – Jacqueline Moyo

As Black History month draws to a close, ZiWA is enthralled to be featuring a ten minute interview with Miss Zimbabwe UK 2014, Jacqueline Moyo. Jacquie was crowned Miss Zimbabwe UK on the 23rd of August at the Quality Skyline hotel in Luton. Miss Zimbabwe UK is a platform ‘to groom, train, inspire and mentor young Zimbabwean ladies to express and exhibit Zimbabwean culture, tradition and value.’ At ZiWA we believe in the empowerment of young women and support this remarkable initiative.

Miss Zimbabwe UK sends out a positive message to young girls within the diasporan community. As a young generation that has migrated to the UK we are bound to have self-identity issues. Acknowledging young inspirational women like Jacquie reminds us that it is ok to express and preserve our pride in Zimbabwean heritage and culture.

We hope you enjoy our ten minute conversation with Jacquie.

Name: Jacqueline ‘Jacquie’ Moyo

Age: 21

Line of study: BA (HONS) Children & Family Work and Ministry

Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Reading, Sewing and spending time with my family

Favourite Musician of all time: Tye Tribbett and GA, they are a Christian gospel choir and their songs were the first I learnt when I joined the choir. They showed me that Christian music was appealing and could be appealing to all age groups; they have definitely helped me grow as a young Christian woman.

Any beauty secrets: I am a firm believer that beauty is something different for everybody so what works for me may not work for other people but I don’t mind sharing my secrets. I would say eating healthy food, drinking plenty of water, keeping fit and feeling good about myself make me feel beautiful. Everything else you put on like clothes and make up will look amazing when you feel good inside!

Philosophy in life: I love what Nelson Mandela said “The greatest glory in living lies not in ever failing but in rising every time we fall”. We live in a world where everything is about being on top and never failing but I think in the failing we learn so much about ourselves and it makes us more resilient for when we try again.

Inspiration to enter the pageant: My sister, she has always believed in me, always told me to keep trying no matter how hard it may seem. Miss Zimbabwe UK was a chance for me to tell the Zimbabwean community here and in Zimbabwe what I believe in.

What being Miss Zimbabwe means to me: It means a lot; it means that the judges saw something in me that told them I would represent Zimbabwe in a positive light to the UK. I am a role model to my younger sisters, and me winning Miss Zimbabwe shows them that we are all different and shine in different ways.

Hoping to achieve: I hope to build or strengthen a community of young people who stand together to represent the Zimbabwean youth. Young people who will see the need in their communities in the UK and in Zimbabwe, and feel stirred to do something about it. I believe ‘Umuntu, ngumuntu, ngabantu’, what affects my brother/sister, affects me too, positively or negatively.

Favourite designer: I would have to say ‘Nyasha C’; her designs are a mixture of modern yet traditional styles. Even though she isn’t in the public eye, I believe she could make African print style clothing an essential for every young woman’s wardrobe.

Young Zimbabweans aspiring to be in beauty pageant: First I would say you have to know who you are because if you don’t, even constructive criticism can bring you to your knees. When you know your strengths, and acknowledge your weaknesses, nobody can shake you. Secondly, beauty is not just about your appearance, it is about your heart, your beliefs and your mind. When you speak and speak from your heart, you capture people’s hearts and minds. Think like a role model, think about the message you want to put across for everyone to hear. Most importantly, have a teachable spirit, LISTEN, and be humble because those are the most beautiful qualities a person can ever possess.

My role model: It’s a difficult task to choose just one person because a role model is somebody I admire for the things they do. Well I guess I have a lot of role models because I do a lot of things, they inspire me to think outside of the box. To list a few, my sister Vickie, she’s quirky and I love the way she can turn any situation into a positive. My mum, because she is a strong woman, I mean the lady had 4 girls to deal with and finally my brother, he’s in the army and he never lets me to wallow in self-pity.

Free To Worship- Headline entertainers at the ZIWA awards 2014



We are happy to announce that FREE TO WORSHIP will be the headline entertainers at the ZIWA AWARDS 2014.

Free 2 worship is a powerful group of talented dancers and musicians. The members are drawn mainly from the ethnic minority groups living in the UK.

The immaculately presented 30 strong team puts on a stellar performance, professionally executed with honey rich vocals and a hugely talented band that proves African musicians are possibly the best that the music world has to offer.

The group has united worship leaders, gospel singers and instrumentalists from many churches, including some group members who reside in the USA. The Free to Worship sound is a distinct breath of fresh air that is altering the gospel music landscape in Africa and the diaspora.

With Free to Worship concerts selling out and packing arenas over three consecutive years.

On the 19th of July the Free 2 Worship will be launching their 4th album and live dvd recording at The Groove Theatre in Dunstable. Get your tickets at: https://www.grovetheatre.co.uk/events/free-to-worship-4/

ZIWA awards…..get your red carpet glam ready.

The event is getting closer and the excitement is building up, most people are worried about what they are going to wear. As this event is a red carpet/black tie event its not easy for a lot of people to choose what to wear. Pick your dress or suit early so you arent rushing around at the last minute. If you still cant decide what to wear and you know people who are attending the event, ask them what they will be wearing. This may give you a leg up on what exactly to wear.

We have some fashion expects on our team and they have managed to put together a few looks that you can go for and where you can get some of these on the high street shops.

Ladies put you your regular day handbag aside and get that clutch/evening bag. Accessorise with statement pieceslike dangling earrings, neckpiece or arm candy (bangle/bracelets), rings or keep them to a minimum depending on the type of dress and look you are going for. Pearl Earrings can give just the right amount of elegance.

Be a little daring wear a bright coloured dress or if you still working on that summer body go for less body hugging dress that will flatter your best features. Dont wear what’s on trend because it might not suit your body type




image   image




This season high street shops have wonderful collection for the red carpet events. Below are some wonderful gowns from John Lewis and House of Fraser.






Curvy ladies they are soo many shops on high street that also sell plus size dresses. Dont stress yourself on what you gonna wear. Also check online stores that dont have high street shops. Hair can make or break the whole look a neat high bun for more sophisticated look or a loose pony for a an effortless glam look.





Not everyone is a fan of  long dress, you can still dazzle on the red carpet with a nice ahort dress. Wear what ever you feel comfortable in.




As this is not a women’s only event, men can also dress up for this occassion.

Mens look

I hope the above will help answer all the questions that we have been asked on what to wear. Our team is here to help and assist you. Happy shopping……see you on 14th of June at the Burlington Hotel in Birmingham. Get your tickets at http://www.ziwaawards.com

Pamela Kafesu


Pamela Kafesu, married to Malcom and have three lovely children together. They live in Birmingham where they also run a cake shop.
Pam started baking around the same time she started cooking. Her mum was a brilliant cook and while she taught her how to cook she also encouraged her to bake. She remember growing up in Harare, everyday after school she would be greeted by the warm aroma of stew cooking or the sweet scent of so e are baking in the oven compliments to her mum. Although her mum was not big on baking, she made sure Pam mastered the trade of baking, each time she would encourage her to make a different flavor, challenging her baking skills. Pamela was keen to please as a young girl, so she would pour her heart into my baking. She would always tell herself it would be utterly embarrassing for mum to make such a delicious stew and for her to to make a horrible cake!
As she grew up to a young woman, baking was her way of expressing myself. With each cake she made, her confidence shot up. She got married and continued baking, winning her in-laws over with her baking skills. She found a way to their heart that way. She had a friend who would pick up a cake every week. She loved the home made flavour and this is how she ended up opening her services to the public. Family and friends encouraged Pamela to bake more and sell them and at that time she was employed full time. Seeing the growth in her baking business, she started working part time. This is how Delicate Delight Cakes was born, in 2011,as a home based business.
As her business grew she also gave back to the society for their support she has been involved in charitable events like Thembani Fundraising Concert, Give a Future Concert among others.
In 2013 her local cake shop went up do sale, although she was not ready at that time, she couldn’t let the opportunity pass me. Pam went into partnership with a local lady and together they own The Cake Emporium based in Halesowen, Birmingham. They make an average of 7 cakes per week and in a crazy week 18 cakes.
Baking is something she was fiercely passionate about and she did not go to college to learn. Her signature recipe which is the red velvet is a best seller. They hope to open their doors to people who want to learn baking and decorating soon as their shop has that capacity. They are also waiting for local council approval to allow them to offer work experience for high school children who are especially thinking of going into the cake industry. Pamela can’t wait to teach someone as passionate as she is because baking is now part of her daily routine