Learn more about your finalists for ZIWA 2015 for the Blogger of the Year category:

Dorcas Gwata - Blogger Dorcas Gwata is a Zimbabwean born Public Health Specialist and was recently awarded for her work with young people and families involved in gang crime in London. She also works in HIV-Mental Health programs in Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Uganda, and has been working on an evaluation program looking at lessons learnt from the Ebola crisis. 

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Sakhile Khanye - Blogger Sakhile Khanye aka Miss Classique is a 20 year old, UK based Zimbabwean blogger. Her blog Miss Classique has been running for the past two years. She was recently nominated for the Zim Achievers Awards under the category of Young Achievers. Sakhile’s articles have featured on large News networks such as Zimbo Live TV and Nehanda Radio.

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Tendai Marowa - Blogger Tendai Marowa was raised in Bulawayo, having gained skills and progress in fashion from retail experience in Melbourne Australia for 4 years she moved to South Africa. She is the founder of the Legacy of True Beauty which seeks to change the concept of what the media portrays about celebrity image and the notion of beauty.

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Harriet Mupungu - Blogger Holding a degree in International Development Studies, Harriet is a social commentator, writer and activist who, through her blog, www.barbedhope.com provides a platform for Zimbabweans based in the diaspora to connect and share views. With special interest in issues affecting African women, Harriet is particularly…

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Kudzai Pasirayi - Blogger Kudzai Pasirayi is an ingenious blogger penetrating age, race and religion through publishing posts, articles, books and spoken word on various platforms.  Born in Harare, Kudzai migrated to the UK and currently resides in Middlesbrough, in the North East of England. In recent years, Kudzai has focused on writing issues of self-improvement, spirituality, and self-help…

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Voting is now live and will be close on 20 September 2015 so be sure to have your say by voting for your favourite ZIWA 2015 nominees. Winners will be announced at the ZIWA 2015 ceremony to be held in Birmingham UK on Oct 3, 2015.

Cast your vote at www.ziwaawards.com/voting/

Don’t forget, tables and tickets for the ceremony, which is being held in Birmingham, UK onSaturday 3 October can be booked online or by emailing info@ziwaawards.com



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